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Gary S. Goldman

Gary S. Goldman is a business and management consultant who works specifically for the landscape and pavement maintenance industries. His client base consists of businesses with gross revenues ranging between $.5 and $30 million.

In addition to over 25 years in the landscape and pavement maintenance industries, Gary has significant experience as a management consultant. He routinely serves as a professional speaker and trainer for educational seminars held by industry consultants and regularly contributes to industry journals about the many aspects of business management. Gary is considered an expert in the specialized areas of estimating, operations management, marketing, budget development, and administration.


Over 25 years experience in management; specifically within the landscape, construction, irrigation, maintenance, and pavement maintenance industries.

Past Regional Operations Manager
TruGreen Landcare Corporation,
NE Region

The New England Region consisted of 4 unit branches with annual revenues exceeding $50 million

Past President The Grounds
Keeper & The Pavement Saver

Landscape and pavement company with annual revenues of $8 million

Speaker and Trainer 
Vander Kooi & Associates, Inc. 
Littleton, CO

Vander Kooi & Associates is a green industry and construction consulting firm specializing in estimating and operations.
Seminars include: Operations, Estimating, Customer Service

BS., Accounting and an MBA 
Business Administration
Licensed Factoring Specialist

When should you call 
Gary S. Goldman?

If your sales are increasing but your profits are decreasing
If your sales are not meeting budgetary numbers
If you are having a tough time managing your growth
If your systems, procedures, and controls change on a daily basis
If you’re having problems obtaining and retaining clients
If you have personnel and management problems
If you consider long-term planning one day in advance
If your business is running you instead of you running your business
If you have reached a plateau and you are not sure what to do next
If you are not really sure you are charging the right amount per hour.

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