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B.E.A.R (Business Evaluation And Review)

Our initial step with every client is to conduct a Business Evaluation And Review, (B.E.A.R.). This is a comprehensive audit and analysis of the major components of your business including:

  • Management and Administration

  • Marketing and Sales

  • Estimating

  • Contract Administration

  • Field Production

  • Finance and Accounting

Before we perform the review we ask you to provide us with specific documents and records from your business that will facilitate the review. We also ask that you prepare a list of goals and objectives you would like to see accomplished and implemented.

The review is performed at your location and usually takes between 16 and 24 hours. It includes discussions with your key personnel and an in-depth evaluation of your operating procedures.

On the last day of the review, we will give you the preliminary findings and what we see as the areas negatively affecting your bottom line.


Within a week from the review we will prepare a detailed written evaluation that will provide you with:

  • An operations flow chart

  • An analysis of your business’ strengths and weaknesses

  • An explanation of your business’ problem areas

  • A strategic action plan that identifies what needs to be done to meet your goals and objectives






Other Services

The action plan is extensive and specifically details all necessary steps. It will not exceed a 12-month period and we are available 24/7 during that period to answer any questions you may have about establishing, implementing and maintaining the plan.

Our recommended solutions vary with the client. Areas we have concentrated on in the past have included:

  • Estimate Budgeting

  • Equipment Costing

  • Implementation and training on Computer Applications

  • Budget Development

  • Equipment Purchase Analysis

  • Defining jobs definitions

  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures

  • Operating Efficiencies

  • Marketing Campaigns

​Anyone of these could be a service provided to you.

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