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LANDSCAPE Seminars & Workshops

Marketing your Company for Greater Profit

This seminar will give you the ability to set up a marketing plan for your company. You will learn how a sales organization and selling process will help maximize your annual revenues.

The seminar will emphasize the importance of establishing long-term customer relationships to maximize referrals. You will get real-world tools for business development and revenue management including:

  • How to set revenue targets using a budget

  • How to set up a sales plan and sales goals

  • How to set up a selling organization

  • How to sell “value” instead of “price”

Estimating Worksop

  1. This 2-page workshop will walk you through preparing an overhead budget, developing labor burden, average wage calculation, and equipment costing. Participants will also prepare lump sum, unit price and maximum/minimum time and material proposals. We will address ways to recover overhead and discuss how to price extra work and change orders.

Operations in a Successful Landscape Company


  1. Does your company have an efficient and effective flow of information from the owner, to the office, to the field, to the customer?

  2. Do all of your operations within each respective area all work together to ensure total success in your company?

  3. Would you like to structure your company to become efficient in the numerous operations involved in a landscape company?

  4. This seminar will answer these questions and many more related specifically to help you run your company more efficiently. Most importantly you will gain an understanding of the operations cycle of your business and why standard operating procedures are an integral component in maintaining quality within your company.

Developing Estimating & Pricing Strategies

  1. This 2-day workshop will follow you through the basics needed to develop and calculate the MAGICAL numbers you need to bid with confidence; bids that will make your business become more profitable.


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